Thursday, April 16, 2009

Teaching Self Control SKills to our dogs

OK- so many of my clients and their dogs have relationship issues and the biggest one I first see is becasue the dogs haven't learned any impulse control skills ..there for the dogs are dragging their human counterparts down the road choking and coughing , are chasing people, other animal somethines aggressively with no reguard to their own safety or others.
They Are counter surfing in the home and being reinfoced for this behavior daily .. So how do we work on these things?
So how do we teach these.
Under what conditions and why?
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  1. I start by having the owner teach the dog(s) impulse control by simply having the dog(s) sit and wait to be released for each meal. It is a simple solution that many people are willing to incorporate into their daily regime and most dogs get two meals, so they catch on quickly. Then I go from there.

  2. It's just easier for owners to just put up with the lack of impulse control.