Monday, March 2, 2009

clicker Challenge for dogs and their people

The Clicker Challenge for this month (MARCH) is to have your dog taget an object or wall and NOt move while you do some distraction around him or her. Longest held nose target will be posted.. Someooone asked about a horse.. SUre go for it;-) ANy four footed critter will do;-)


  1. hey just seeing if this is working

  2. Calling all Clicker/Dog trainers who live in the Northeast!

    Are you suffering from cabin fever? With 4 feet of snow still on the ground I am certainly suffering! I love snow but enough is enough ;-)

    It is time for some clicker fun!
    *Here is a challenge for you to try with your four footed friends:
    Can you clicker-train your dog to do this trick? Use targeting or free shaping to train your dog to press its nose against a post or wall and hold it there no matter WHAT! What tempting distractions can your dog learn to ignore, while earning the click? Send your photos or videos to please! We will choose a winning video each month and post it on my site …
    For even more clicker fun register for Clicker Challenge 2009 to be held at 2 venues in New England -July 25th in West Swanzey, NH and October 18th in York, Me
    Clicker Challenge, an idea originated by Kay Laurence, is a fun and exciting event where teams of trainers and their dogs, compete against each other for ribbons and prizes. I had the pleasure of judging a Clicker Challenge event forKay Laurence a few years ago. I also had the pleasure of participating in the first USA Clicker Challenge in Rhode Island. Whether as a judge or a participant I can attest to the fact that we all had a BLAST!

    I will begin Clicker Challenge 2009 with a shaping workshop in the morning to help you hone your skills to meet the afternoon training challenges ;-)
    Click on the attachments for more information or visit and click on Clicker Challenge 2009
    Visit to view an article on Karen Pryor’s site about a UK Clicker Challenge. Visit Kay Laurence’s site for lots of great free shaping info.
    Not a clicker trainer?? Not to worry. If you’ve taught your dog lots of tricks we welcome you to the Challenge. Please join us.
    The Judges are to be announced on my web site in the next few days.
    Wouldn’t it be great if Clicker Challenges, hosted by different training centers, started popping up all over our region?
    If anyone is interested in holding an event in your neck of the woods feel free to email me, privately of course, at ;-)

    Hope to see you there,


  3. Hey Dee!

    I'm so excited that you've started a blog. Great contest idea, too!


  4. have been working on the challenge for targeting nose to an object anyone else??